Imagine being able to fish a different lake everyday for 13 years – that’s what makes the Land O’ Lakes unique! With 5,000 lakes in the region – some of the world’s greatest sport fishing can be enjoyed in our many clean lakes and rivers.

Land O’ Lakes is known for our many lakes and multi-species fishing opportunities.

Thank you anglers, volunteers, staff and supporters of our First Annual Land O’ Lakes Fishing Tournament!


Sam Rose RS

Photo by Ashley Rae: Sam Rose with a 4.74 pound largemouth caught in Sharbot Lake. Sam finished in 3rd place.
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With over 300 registrants, the First Annual Land O’ Lakes Fishing Tournament was a success! The 5 chosen lakes; Sharbot Lake (the central location), Kashwakamak Lake, Big Gull Lake, Desert Lake and Loughborough Lake, were fantastic venues for anglers. With local participants, and even those traveling from Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Pennsylvania and other locations, anglers enjoyed a great day on the water with friends and family followed by a catered dinner at Oso Beach in Sharbot Lake.

The Results:

Sharbot Lake
Name: Species: Weight (pounds):
1st – Wayne Sharrock Largemouth 4.96
2nd – Jeff Mills Largemouth 4.84
3rd – Sam Rose Largemouth 4.74
Loughborough Lake
Name: Species: Weight (pounds):
1st – John Pantrey Largemouth 4.47
2nd – Dwayne Brame Largemouth 4.10
3rd – Matt Colby Largemouth 3.94
Desert Lake
Name: Species: Weight (pounds):
1st – Spencer Coracio Largemouth 5.03
2nd – Jeff Young Largemouth 4.79
3rd – Alfred Vannest Largemouth 3.84
Kashwakamak Lake
Name: Species: Weight (pounds):
1st – Tim Lloyd Largemouth 3.48
2nd – Charlene Cripps Largemouth 3.17
3rd – Justin Martin Smallmouth 3.09
Big Gull Lake
Name: Species: Weight (pounds):
1st – Andrew Foster Largemouth 3.06
2nd – Larry Coolidge Smallmouth 3.01
3rd – Jennifer Baker Smallmouth 2.91

Thank you to our supporters for making this event possible!

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